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      Our mission, quite simply, is to erect a monument at the "Bloody Angle" in honor of the fighting men from South Carolina, "McGowan's Brigade". The date for the dedication of the monument is May 9th, 2009. This is a project of the Brig. Gen. Samuel McGowan Camp # 40, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Laurens, S.C.
        The proposed monument to McGowan's Brigade is being supported by a wide range of impressive people. U.S. Congressman Gresham Barrett has pledged his support in making this happen. State Senator Danny Verdin and Representative Mike Pitts from the state of South Carolina have promised their backing. The legislature of South Carolina has passed a resolution in support of our effort.
        South Carolina State Historic Preservation Office Historian and Author J. Tracy Power has offered the support of his branch of government for the monument. Superintendent Russ Smith , Chief Historian John Hennessy, Historian Eric Mink and Historian Stacy Humphrey, all of Fredericksburg / Spotsylvania Court House National Military Park are 100% behind putting a monument at the Bloody Angle. Respected historian and author Mac Wyckoff has been very supportive.
        Nationally known author Gordon C. Rhea, who has written critically acclaimed books concerning the May thru July 1864 battles between the armies of Lee and Grant, has given his total support and will give the dedication speech at the monument unveiling.
        Artist Mort Kunstler has assisted us in our fundraising efforts.
       The Sons of Confederate Veterans, National and the South Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are behind the project.

        Walmart Corporation has donated $1000 to the effort.  (Click here to see photo of check presentation)

        Descendants of soldiers known to have fought in the battle, as well as SCV camps, have been making donations to ensure that this monument is erected.
        Members of the Virginia Division of the SCV have been extremely helpful in site prep and erection of the monument.

 Monument Design
(Furman Architects, Greenwood, South Carolina)


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Monument Dedication

To all who are going to Spotsylvania Battlefield for the monument dedication, I want to
update everyone on the schedule of events. Directions for hotels and the battlefield are at the end of this message.
First, anyone participating as a infantry re-enactor and planning to take part in firing the military salute, you will need to be at the Battlefield on Friday afternoon for weapon inspection.
I haven't confirmed the time, but will try to set it up for late afternoon, to allow for travel time.
I will send out another notice concerning this as soon as the time is set.

Order of events on Saturday:
The dedication service is at 10:30 am, at the Bloody Angle.

Following the dedication, Mac Wyckoff will lead a walking tour of McGowan's Brigade movements as they entered the battle.

We will then proceed to the Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery, and place SC flags on the graves of SC soldiers buried there.

Then we will leave Spotsylvania and head towards Montpelier, home of President James Madison. We will make a fast food stop on the way for some quick lunch.

At Montpelier, we will have a walking tour of the winter (1864) encampment of McGowan's
Brigade. I have spoken with Matt Reeves, Chief Archaeologist at Montpelier, and he is
excited about us visiting there. Several of the soldier's winter huts have been rebuilt. Also,
anyone who would rather tour the mansion will be able to do that, too. Some of our ladies might prefer that. I highly recommend that you take a few minutes and visit the Montpelier website
at and also the Spotsylvania site at Matt Reeves is asking for any descendants of McGowan soldiers who have letters or anything else referencing the winter encampment at Montpelier, to bring him a copy for use in their interpretive tours.

May 9 will be a day when we literally will be walking in the footsteps of McGowan's Brigade.
At the close of our Montpelier tour, we return to Fredericksburg.

Directions to hotels: (from SC)

Country Inn and Suites: Exit I-95 at exit 126, onto Hwy 1. Hotel will be on your left, so get
into the left lane quickly, and turn left at the first traffic light.
Comfort Inn and Sleep Inn: Exit I-95 at exit 126B, and go approx 1/2 mile, and turn left at Massaponax Crossing/Southpoint Pkwy. Comfort Inn on the left, and Sleep Inn on the right.

Directions from hotels to Spotsylvania:

Country Inn and Suites: Exit hotel and turn right on Hwy 1, going down the hill and under I-95.
Turn right onto Southpoint Pkwy at Massaponax Crossing (Chik-Fil-A is on the right). At intersection with Hwy 208, turn left towards Spotsylvania. At Spotsylvania, turn right onto Hwy 613 (Brock Road) at traffic light. Go approx 2 miles and the Battlefield Park entrance is on the right.

Comfort Inn and Sleep Inn:
Exit hotel onto Southpoint Pkwy, and go straight across the intersection with Hwy 1.
Continue on Southpoint Pkwy to Hwy 208, and turn left on Hwy 208.
At Spotsylvania, turn right onto Hwy 613 (Brock Road) at traffic light.
Go approx 2 miles, and Battlefield Park entrance is on the right.

Hope this info helps with your travel plans, and seeya on May 9.

Robert Roper, III
McGowan Camp 40

Here are the hotels that I have committed to us so far, all are booked under Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp # 40, and booked from Thursday night to Sunday morning. This is for the McGowan Brigade Monument dedication on 9 May 2009. Be sure to mention our camp and monument dedication for these rates.




All these are now open to be reserved and will be in effect until 60 days before weekend of dedication.
Past Commander Gary Davis


The concrete form being prepared for support of base of monument

Monument set in place before final site finishing

Click on images below to see larger, more detailed photos
(these are the current monuments at the Bloody Angle) 

(Continually----- please be patient with us)

We are currently having the monument fabricated. If there is any way you can help, financially or otherwise, please


[We are a 501 (C) (3) classified, (non profit) organization, therefore all donations are tax deductible.]

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