McGowan's Brigade Monument
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
The McGowan's Brigade Monument has become a reality. On 10 April 2009 it was put in place at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia at the Bloody Angle.
We would like to thank all those who helped make this dream a reality with special mention to Compatriots Lee Hart, John Sawyer, Grayson Jennings, Tom Davis and their wives and the whole Virginia Division.
The date for the dedication of this monument is May 9th, 2009.

        On May 12th, 1864, during the War Between The States, American fighting men participated in what was perhaps the most sustained, (almost 20 hours), close-quarters combat of the entire conflict. These Americans were killing each other. The sheer savagery of the battle forever named this small piece of ground "The Bloody Angle".  
        One of the primary Confederate units involved in the struggle was a hardened group of South Carolina warriors, known as "McGowans Brigade". The courage, tenacity, and sacrifice shown by these men goes virtually umatched, even to this day.
        The National Park Service preserves this hallowed ground in Virginia where so many men, from both sides, died while in service to their respective countries. There are currently four monuments on the grounds, one each for the Union soldiers of Ohio, New Jersey, and New York. Another was placed for the Confederate men of North Carolina, Ramseur's Brigade.
        There is no memorial to South Carolina's soldiers at this site, (yet)...[Well, there is NOW--04/12/2009]

        We, the men of the Brigadier General Samuel McGowan Camp #40, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Laurens, S.C. have embarked upon a mission to install a monument to our forbears at this battlefield.
The date for the dedication of this monument is May 9th, 2009.

        The following pages hopefully will communicate our mission and progress. This website is only a minute portion of our efforts. Please take the time to look at our site, and check back with us from time to time to see how we are doing.

(Image of "The Bloody Angle", by Mort Kunstler, used by permission of the artist)

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